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Not all toys are for all individuals. There are so many toys available,how does one know what is the right toy? Here in our blog,we dive into many areas of toys,enjoyment, educational and STEM.

What Are The Best Toy Kitchens For Toddlers

smoby toy kitchen

If you have children, you are destined to have at some stage the inevitable request from your little ones for a toy kitchen, so what are the best toy kitchens for toddlers?. One thing is for sure, don’t dismiss the request, children do one thing very well, they like to emulate what they see around […]

Alternative Bedtime Stories for Kids

story cubes

Bedtime stories for kids with Story Cubes! Bedtime stories for kids and parents alike is a cherished time. A good story is a great way to wind down the day. For some however, finding the right book or the right story may at times frustrate our children. Who hasn’t had the “no, not that story, […]

STEM Learning – Play Learn Grow with Minuenta

STEM education, and how toys can help achieve GREATNESS! Is there anything more important than a good education? We here at Minuenta would argue that fun and family time with loving and informative social interaction are just as vital to provide a well-rounded education. This brings us to the topic of this blog. Have you […]

Sensory Toys For Autism – Play Is The Work Of Childhood

Sensory Learning It is a wonderful way to describe our informative years. So many life lessons are learned by being a part of a collective. But do sensory toys assist us in providing stimulus, enjoyment and achievement? Lets find out. We all know Lego. Colourful plastic blocks where the only limit on what you could […]

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