A Little Information About Minuenta

Learn more about us. Minuenta is a business run by family. After four children who are now grown up and two young and very curious grandchildren, we knew that we had to do something keep our inner child happy and engaged. We know just how important family is, which was why we founded Minuenta. Our goal is to always deliver quality toys and games for the whole family, no matter how young or old. Minuenta is also proud to be one of the UK’s top retailers for Smoby products

Our Work

Here at Minuenta we also take pride in supporting several special educations needs schools and sensory centers, children and adults with special educational needs will benefit from our great range of toys to enable sensory engagement and development. We believe that all children, as well as adults should have the opportunity to let their inner child come out, whilst at the same time engaging our senses, learning and broadening abilities. We have recently donated Lego toys to a multi-sensory center that focuses on giving children and adults with long-term conditions access to specialist equipment.
Toys for all the family
To us, toys are not simply just toys, but a platform for learning, promoting development, creating group interactions, friendships and for pure enjoyment. Toys are important in inspiring our imagination and our sense of freedom; they open up our children’s minds to what they want to see and what they want to learn.